Kit Includes:
	All in one mini kit includes ( File, buffer ,cuticle pusher, callus pumice stone, )
	Finger nail clipper 
	Cuticle remover 
	Your Choice Pedicure Scent ( Lavender Relieve, Grape Fruit, Milk+Honey,Mint Mimosa Bubbly Spa, Raspberry Sorbet ,Jasmine Soothe)

This Pedi in box will include foot soak, sugar scrub, foot mask, lotion

Quarantine Pedicure Kit

    1. Remove polish, cut/shape/buff  
    2. Pour foot soak packet into warm water 
    3. Soak foot for 5-10 mins apply cuticle remover over damp toes and use cuticle pusher to push back any dead skin 
    4. buff callus with pumice stone 
    5. Apply exfoliant and massage scrub until all the product is dissolved
    6. Rinse off apply mask 
    7. Wipe of mask and apply lotion